Saturday, 7 March 2009

Things That Come and Go

Things That Come and Go was a Ladybird series of educational children's books published between 1968 and 1971.

Each book explores a different topic through the eyes of two children, Klaus and Ingrid. All of the books are small, thin hardback volumes with 56 pages, measuring 112×170 mm. They consist of text on a left page and an illustration on the facing right page, drawn by artists Harry Wingfield, Martin Aitchison, Frank Hampson, Patrick Caulfield and Francis Bacon. The illustrations vary in style from books to book, depending on artist, but Klaus and Ingrid are recognisable throughout: he for his sweeping side parting and scar, she for her severe bob and thick bottle-glass spectacles.

There were nine published in all:

Klaus and Ingrid Miss a Vital Train Connection
Klaus and Ingrid Wrestle with Grief (1967)
Klaus and Ingrid Push Marcia Under a Truck (1967)
Klaus and Ingrid Experience Ennui (1969)
Klaus and Ingrid are Left Behind with Strangers (1969)
Klaus and Ingrid are Wheat Intolerant (1970)
Klaus and Ingrid Learn About Mummy's Swinging Parties (1970)
Klaus and Ingrid Get Into Jazz (1971)
Klaus and Ingrid Love Smoking (1971)

The series was discontinued when they could no longer compete with Peter and Jane, who by this point were incestuous hippy teenagers appearing in a number of explicit Ladybirdsploitation books of the early '70s.